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        Winterstores.ie is owned by Keltoi International Trading. A young company established in Dublin, Ireland, engaged in bringing you innovative products for winter use or for all  those other seasons or days throughout  the year  when  our weather  may not be that good out there. (And you know, we have plenty of these days, unfortunately)

As our range of products grows, we intend to offer you the choices you may not find elsewhere in the big retailers. You will be finding here a variety of seasonal glazing products and energy efficiency items to improve comfort at your home. You will also find a choice of ice or snow grippers (colors, sizes, types), outdoor products to facilitate your walks, jogging or biking in the winter or days with no so good weather and much more.

        Not only in winter, but our weather may not be our best friend along the year, so we intent to be here to take care of you in those tough days out there!! Certain things from the mother nature we cannot  change, but we can try to cope with it. Our job will be to give a hand with that.

Bear with us and see this shop grows.

Looking forward to have you as our valued customer.

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Thank you.

WinterStores Team.