Premium Thicker Glazing Film - 4 Windows
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Summary to Install Insulation Film
Premium Thicker Glazing Film - 4 Windows Content for Comfort Plus Premium Film Summary to Install Insulation Film

Comfort Plus Premium Glazing Film for 4 Windows


A Premium Glazing Film for 4 Windows

Cristal clear premium film for seasonal DIY insulation of 4 windows helping to hold off cold draughts, improving overall home comfort and helping to save energy. Once installed as per instructions with hair dryer, it helps to back off cold draughts, improving comfort and  energy efficiency at home. Ideal for traditional old style sash windows, single glazed windows or yet "not so good" double glazed windows passing cold draughts. Some more details below:

  • Film measuring 64"x 168" (or 1,63m x 4.27m) - Extra wide;
  • Total area of aproximately 7sqm (6.96sqm exact).
  • Kit is comprised of:
    • Heavy gauge shink film (aprox. 90GSM density, thicker than the usual fims in the market, providing better insulation);
    • Easy stick double side tape;
    • Reusable measuring tape;
    • Film trimming knife;
  • Ideal for a house and its multiple windows;
  • To be removed in end of cold season or yet to be kept on throughout the year.
  • Made in Canada. Canada Symbol Icon

Tools needed ( Relevant );

  • Hair dryer needed ( Measuring tape supplied - Film trimming knife also provided eliminates the need of scissor for this film specifically )

           Hair Dryer Icon

Important notes:

  • As highlighted in instructions, do not apply double sided tape directly to wallboards, plaster, veneer panelling or mahogany mouldings;
  • Please measure your window before buying this product, comparing with dimensions given here - Your window sizes may differ from the reference size given. For extra large windows, the total number windows covered may be reduced;
  • Usage of hair dryer to heat shrink the film, once installed in the double sided tape, is very important to give the clear view / transparent look. The film if properly installed can barely be noticed. If you don't have one hair dryer, you may borrow one from family or friends for once off install use of your film;
  • Film is fragile once installed and stretched - Sharp objects or pets (with their claws) may damage it;
  • In the end of cold season, care must be taken when removing the double sided tape. Task must be done gently as there's the risk of removing layers of wall paint if job is done too quickly. - Heating up gently the tape with hair dryer again  will make its removal easier.