Ultimate De-icer 500ml

Ultimate De-icer 500ml


The ultimate de-icer delivers rapid and effective removal of ice, frost and snow from vehicle windscreens, mirrors and locks.
It is effective even at temperatures as low as -15°C. 

The highly concentrated formula will also free frozen door locks immediately.
Directions for use:

  • Remove any heavy/excessive deposits of ice and snow using your windscreen ice scraper
  • Holding the can in an upright position approximately 30cm from the windscreen
  • Start to spray from the top of the windscreen downwards
  • When the ice has melted, remove any excess with the windscreen wipers and wipe off any surplus with a clean cloth to prevent re-freezing
Ultimate performance in temperatures as low as -15°C

-Water 53%, Butane 7%, Alcohol 20%, Ethylene glycol 20%.