Winter Tyre Grip
Winter Tyre Grip
Winter Tyre Grip Winter Tyre Grip

Winter Tyre Grip


Winter Tyre Grip is an  spray designed as tyre treatment to help you  by improving wheel traction in icy conditions and will not chemically or physically affect the tyre, or  damage roads and driveways. It works well on ice, sleet or snow covered roads and slippery wet surfaces. 

Winter Tyre Grip is quick and easy to use - simply clear any snow from the tyre (it's good that the tyre will be wet), spray Winter Tyre Grip directly onto the tyres, wait a few minutes until the Winter Tyre Grip liquid has gone sticky and then drive the vehicle forward slightly to apply to the rest of the tyres. Then simply drive away slowly, trying to avoid any wheel spin.

Also quite suitable for spraying  in your tyres a couple of minutes before you start you journey in the morning on frosty and icy conditions in order to improve your car traction.

-Supplied as a 400ml canister

-Sold in 1 can, with special price available for 2 cans.

-***Good to use in vans, cars, motorbikes or bicycles*** 

Disclaimer: The usage of this product, doesn't exclude the car driver or biker to exercise caution  while driving in icy / frosty conditions.